Where to get the Gazette

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Copies of the Tasmanian Government Gazette published in the previous six months may be:

Yearly subscriptions to the Tasmanian Government Gazette may be purchased directly from:

For copies of Gazettes published more than six months ago:

  • contact Acrodata Tasmania Pty Ltd to place a purchase order;
  • view the Gazette online; or
  • access the copy of the Gazette available at the State Library of Tasmania, 91 Murray Street, Hobart.

Publication dates

The Tasmanian Government Gazette is published every Wednesday at 4:00pm. If either a Monday or a Wednesday is a Public Holiday, the weekly edition of the Gazette may be published on the Thursday rather than the Wednesday. Special or Periodical Gazettes are published as required.


Individual prices

(price includes Tasmanian State Service Notices)
$3.40 incl GST
Special Gazette $3.40 incl GST

Index to Tasmanian Government Gazette - Single issue (Jan-Jun issue or Jul-Dec issue)

$65.70 incl GST

Annual subscription prices

All subscription fees include handling/postage/delivery costs.

Gazette (price includes all Gazettes, Special Gazettes and Tasmanian State Service Notices)

$338.80 incl GST

Annual Index to Tasmanian Government Gazette - Published twice yearly: Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec

$131.40 incl GST