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About the Gazette

The Tasmanian Government Gazette (the Gazette), including Special and Periodical Gazettes, contains the formal public notices that are required by law and Government authority to be published in the Gazette.

The types of notices that may be accepted for publication include official publications required under enactments such as Acts regulations, rules and by laws, and may include instruments such as notices, orders, approvals, authorisations, appointments, delegations, declarations, determinations, certifications, petitions, proclamations, revocations, rescissions, exemptions, classifications and declassifications and such like instruments. These may be received from Government House, Government departments, statutory office holders, Office of Parliamentary Counsel, State owned Companies, Government business enterprises, Local Government and the private sector.

Additional examples of notices are included in Schedule 4 of the Agreement for the Publication of the Tasmanian Government Gazette, including:

  • Periodical financial reports issued from the Department of Treasury and Finance.
  • Periodical notices of fee units for the purposes of the Fee Units Act 1997.
  • Notification from the Office of Parliamentary Council of the making of statutory rules within the meaning of the Rules Publication Act 1953.
  • Notices under the State Service Act 2000 about State Service vacancies, the Tasmania State Service Senior Executive Service, promotions without advertising and information about staff movements such as appointments, promotions, resignations, retirements and transfer of permanent employees, fixed term appointments of greater than 12 months extensions or renewals of fixed term appointments beyond 12 months.
  • Notices issued by the Governor of the State of Tasmania or the Governor’s Official Secretary (including appointment of Ministers, Letters Patent, notices of Acts receiving Royal Assent and other administrative arrangement orders).
  • Certain subordinate legislation such as by-laws, standards, codes, guidelines and proclamations that are required under law to be published in full in the Gazette.
  • Publication of notices by private enterprise to comply with legislative requirements for those notices to published in the Gazette (such as administration and probate, notice to creditors, etc)

The timing for the publication and distribution of the weekly Tasmanian Government Gazette is a contractual deadline – 4pm on each Wednesday. However, there is provision to extend the time upon application where a delay may be caused by a Public Holiday. The timeframes for the publication of Periodical Gazettes are known, but other Gazettes (Special Gazettes) are produced as required.

The requirement under legislation for notices to be published in the Gazette on a specific day may require a Special Gazette to be published at short notice and on a particular day, which may not be a Business Day.

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